We design all tech solution for the  needs of the Business management .

Our services

Brand Identity design

create and design your business identity with our experienced team of designers


we’ll advise you , and work with you on your business model whenever you need

Websites & web applications

Developing web application and websites to serve your business 

Organizations & internal systems

Setting up your organization with what it needs , ERP systems , for HR , Accounting , purchases 

Check out E-stores types

Event & ticketing system

let the attendees sign up and checkout online

Standard E-stores

sell your products online

Appintment booking system

start receiving appointment online

Activities, Transportations booking & management system

this store type is dedicated for selling services by hours

About the BTech

B Tech . is a Saudi system information establishment that established in 2020 , based in Madinah with an experienced development team , our major business is the website , application , and apps developing 


Making our customer's ideas come True

Our clients

Honored for working with

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Madinah Region

Romah Packaging 


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